Setting up RC Wiring to Board

Hi all, I have an Arduino UNO board with an Adafruit V2 driver board. I need to run a Nema 23 Stepper Motor with around 500 steps in each direction and 2 Servo's using a Skyfly Receiver but am not sure what pins I wire the receiver in to.

Is anyone able to assist with the wiring or a diagram so that I can set it up for all 3 working through the receiver.

I'm 75 so not to up on electronics and want to get it right before looking at exactly what I need to enter for the programming.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thanks, Arthur.

Can the servos just plug into the receiver or is the Arduino supposed to interpret their signals?

Controlling the stepper is plausible, but not beginner stuff. I have some code that I helped someone get working to operate an RC U-boat that illustrates the principle, I can upload it again if necessary.

hello wild bill,possibly use servos direct for engine throttle ,from channel 3,another control servo from channel 5 these can also i believe go to pins9and ten on the adafruitv2,the problem i have is taking a signal from either channel1or2on the receiver to the adafruit board to control the stepper forward and backwards,i do not know which pin on the adafruitv2 i need to connect to to run the stepper motor.unfortunitely i have to use a stepper motor for my application .some coding would be helpful.thank you arthurml.

wild bill i can put two receivers in my helicopter one to run the servos but the second one would have to run the stepper motor for part of the blade control.arthurml

The U-boat guy was sending all his servo signals through the Arduino, principally so that it could autonomously blow the ballast if it couldn't detect any signals from the transmitter.

It seems like that isn't the case for your servos but you want to do it for the channel that controls the stepper - is that it?

hello wild bill yes the servos are not the problem ascan run them separately on a seperate power supply and not through is the blade control that requires the ardino/adafruit stepper motor drive that i need that can be controlled if naeccessary by using a separate receiver,and power supply to run,

I think you can just use one receiver if you have enough channels. You can take the servo connection for the selected channel and attach it to the Arduino although depending on the voltage your battery is giving, you may need to use a voltage divider to avoid damaging the Uno. You'll need to connect the grounds too of course.

Then the Arduino can examine the pulse width and command the stepper appropriately.

What is the stepper going to control? I would assume that collective is servo driven.

hello bill.this is an awkward one i would love to tell you what does but after 70 yearsihave redesigned how helicopters are controlled and is at present under a patent application.i can do what i want to don my single bladed model straight off of the servo using a tupelo driver and nema 17 but on my twin bladed contrrotating model the forces are larger hence the larger stepper.all i can say is my helicopter has one swash plate and one main control rod that controls every thing and a gearbox that needs the stepper to drive.due to cover i am eating for my patent application to be accepted by the patent office,but every body is working from home.whenit is accepted i can let people know what i have done,arthur.

Well, from an Arduino perspective, it doesn’t matter. You just need to get the servo control signal into it and it’ll drive the stepper. You probably want a limit switch in there somewhere too to allow you to home it at start up.

U-boat code is attached.

UBoat.ino (12.1 KB)

thanks wild bill,would i be best to connect to a digital pin or an analogue pin for the signal wire from the receiver to the arduino /v2 set sons friend can then the the stepper and board and put the code in.i will let you know how i get on and also let you know what i have done once nay paperwork is lodged,i offered it ti was on a confidentiality agreement,saying i could save the a third of the weight of their mars helicopter and easier control but again cover 19 no one in their offices.they could have taken the servo motors of and various blade control parts.this would allow them more battery capacity for longer flight tie,if it fly it can only fly for 90 seconds at a time.their are some good pictures of it and videos on the internet,i don't know if you have seen them.arthurml

You don’t need an analog pin - you’ll be measuring the pulse width of the signal, not its amplitude. That’s what the routines at the bottom of the U-boat code do for you.