setting up xbee series 1

I see a few tutorials out there for setting up xbee 2.5 but nothing for series 1.

I am having troubles with a pair and would like to restore them to the factory settings. Whenever I have bought new xbees, whatever default settings they have come with have always worked for me plug and play. i.e. I can get two communication @ 9600 with no configuration necessary.

I took my pair of xbees and used XCTU to upgrade the firmware and restore factory settings but I am not convinced this has worked exactly and I am running out of ways to test these without buying or borrowing more hardware.

Any tips? If I have the newest firmware do I have to set one as a coordinator and one as a end user? It used to be that the xbee acted as a wireless serial cable.....

So I have put both xbees back to restored settings and firmware 10E6. Both have modem speed set to 19200 as well.

When I use Arduino terminal and type "+++" I receive an "OK" When I type "AT" I receive nothing. This has been the case on all the settings I have tried so far and on several different xbees.

I have mine set up using firmware version 10CD. Both are configured using the XBEE 802.15.4 function set. I set MY, DL, and ID on both. MY on one equals DL on the other.

They chat happily back and forth.

Could you please tell me what you set for each:






What I set for mine, and what you set for yours should be different, so they don’t interfere (as unlikely as that might be.

Just pick some value for ID1 and set ID2 to the same value.

Then, pick two values for MY1 and MY2.

Set DL1 to MY2 and DL2 to MY1

Is one of them a coordinator and the other an end user?

I tried with both being end user and with one being coordinator... still nothing. I have another thread in this section that shows the schematic I am using. I have no clue why this is not working.... driving me nuts! I have always had good experiences with xbee in the past (easy to use) but this time all I want to do is so simple and it is not working. When I replace the interface points (i.e. tx/rx) with wire then everything works.

The only pins I have connected to the xbee breakout are: +3.3V (p1) GND (p10) DOUT (p2) DIN (p3)

nothing else is connected....

Is one of them a coordinator and the other an end user?

With firmware version 10CD, those are not even options. So, I guess the answer is no. Select firmware version 10CD and function set XBEE 802.15.4 for both.

10CD does have a coordinator enable field but I assume you did not set this then.

Eitherway I have tried with and without it and still not working.