setting value of multi-dimension array?

Hi - was thinking I could set the value of a mult-dimensional array in one go - something like this:

int test[5][3];

void setup(){
test[1] = {1,1,1};

But that throws the error error: expected primary-expression before '{' token

Tried some variations: test[1] = [1,1,1]; etc. with same error. The value of test[1] is an array of 3 ints so I am not getting why I can't set it directly. I know I can do this:

  test[1][0] = 1;
  test[1][1] = 1;
  test[1][2] = 1;

But that seems very clumsy. Am I missing something or is this just not possible?


You can only do:int test[2][3] = {{1,2,3},{3,4,5}} ; when the variable is declared, otherwise, yes, you're (mostly) stuck with initialising individual elements.

ok - thanks!