Setup cLion environment with Arduino 101

Hello ,

I just bought 101 Arduino and I wish to setup cLion idea as my working environment.
(The Arduino 1.8.2 environment works well…).
I tried using and some others tutorials that work with Arduino Uno.(no 101 tutorial found at all… =)

unfortunately, I’m having some troubles when I try to compile the project (empty project, just loop and setup methods, no code).

My most important question;
Is there anyone here who has succeeded initialize this environment with 101 Arduino device?
I searched a lot online for some tutorials for the compile issues but no success so far.

Details on my environment:
Windows 8.1 64.
Clion 2016.1.2.
Arduino device details:
BN: Arduino/Genuino 101
VID: 8087
SN: AE0417EK624058S

I attached some of my log file and my envioement and screenshots which contain problems that I am dealing with.

Hope I didn’t break any rule in my post.

With gratitude,

Arduino.cmake.txt (90.7 KB)

ArduinoToolchain.txt (3.06 KB)

CMakeLists.txt (269 Bytes)

event log.txt (720 Bytes)

message build with clion.txt (3.89 KB)