Setup / connection Arduino UNO -> Gyro Breakout Board - IXZ500 Dual 500°/s

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to Arduino. I have searched the forum about Gyros, but only found code examples, so I am asking myself:

I have an Arduino UNO board and an Gyro Breakout Board - IXZ500 Dual 500°/s from which I want to read values. Since I am a programmer but not experienced in electronics, I don't really know how to connect the boards to get input (which pins to wire on the Gyro, do I need resistors etc.)

Does someone have some advice or even better, a scheme (Fritzing maybe?) This sure is very basic electronics stuff, but I am a bit stuck right now... :)

Thank you in advance!

Edit: if you think this question is stupid/lazy, please let me also know, right ;) thx!

Hi, I have found this very nice instruction:

I did not know of this site, seems great!