Seven Segment Flickering

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I have a strong feeling of déjà vu here.
The schematic does not include the critical components here.
It must show the TPIC6C596 and the seven segment display elements and all interconnections.


Don't forget to add a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor near the Vcc pin of each shift register.


Thanks alot my dear friend. thanks for your help. It worked

These don't match the schematic.


Thanks for your help too!
I found the solution...

Hi friend, I have an issue with the HG-C 1100 measurement sensor. This sensor is used to measure the width of any material.
For this also the same programming works. How can i calibrate the sensor and get it.

I am not familiar with that sensor. Can you post a link to the data sheet for it? I looked at the schematic you attached to post #8 but I could not understand that. It showed an Arduino nano V3 but the other parts are not labelled.

HG-C_Series.pdf (3.0 MB)

This is my calibration but I am not getting accurate result.

float sensorvalue = (map(samplse, 0, 1023, -3500, 3500) / 100.0); 

@manoj_maniyan has another thread going about instability of the readings.
NOTE: The OP is feeding 12V into Vin of a Nano.

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@manoj_maniyan asking for help about the sensor on this thread would be considered cross-posting, which is against forum rules. But it would be ok to paste a link here to that other thread and ask for help, because we would then respond on that other thread, if we can help.

I guess that might ok because the TPIC chips don't require much current at 5V, and the LEDs are powered from the 12V supply. However, we don't know what current the sensor or other components draw at 5V. If it is not a small current, the Nano's 5V regulator could overheat and shut down or be damaged.

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