Seven Segment Is Garbled.

I'm using the SparkFun 7-segment display with a lightblue bean.

The numbers display incorrectly.

It seems to be counting up, but it makes no sense.

Fritzing didn't have the breakout board that I'm using, so I just used something that looked similar in my diagram. The yellow wire connects digital pin 0 to RX.

This is a part of a larger project. I only have one free pin (the 0 digital pin) so I need to use UART. If I were connecting to an UNO it'd look like this:

I have the same setup. (I think) on the bean. I have used FTDI to check that the firmware on the display is at 9600 baud.

I'm just running the test program with the pin numbers changed. Like this:

// These are the Arduino pins required to create a software seiral
//  instance. We'll actually only use the TX pin.
const int softwareTx = 0;
const int softwareRx = 1;

Pin 1 is going to also be used as a button would it be better to set it to a pin that doesn't exist, like pin 9?

But my biggest concern is getting this display to work.

Is there any other information I could provide to find a solution?

Are you using the LED in counting mode? Have you tried it with just a switch? You might get some extra counts due to bounce, but it should still work.

It really looks like a bad LED.

The thing is all the segments light up, it's just mixed up.

Bad software on the LED board? You might want to re-program it.


Can you please post the entire sketch please.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Are you sure you are getting it enough power?

Wow, this display only costs 10x as much as a typical bare 4x7 display and as a bonus it has a complex interface which is hard to get working. What's not to like? :slight_smile:

Have you tried it on a UNO.
You program the lightbean using BlueTooth. did it load correctly.

Tom.... :slight_smile: