Seven Segment Number Font for SPDF5408 tft lcd driver

I have 2.8" tft lcd which is interfacing with arduino mega 2560. The lcd data pins are connected parallely with arduino mega 2560 board. I am using SPDF5408 library for working with the display. I want to use seven segment number font for digital number display. How to do it in coding?

Pls give me the solution.

Since that library (if I found the right one) is a spin off of the Adafruit library, maybe this will help. You can create your own font.


You should link to the libraries that you use if the libraries are not included with the IDE to avoid guesswork.

Adafruit library using fonts they have given for changing the font style of the text. This one i already done. Now i need seven segment number display. They have not mentioned about this. For example consider 0 (zero) i want to bring it in seven segment font.

Can you explain it in c code how to draw 0 in seven segment format for 2.8" tft lcd for arduino mega 2560 board?

Finally i got the seven segment number font in tft lcd which interfaced with arduino using adafruit gfx library using fonts.

Do you have a link for the font?