Seven segment

a small project on seven segment display using arduino uno. for the start up i dont want to use ic 74595 shift register or ic 7219/7221 as i am trying to use SevenSeg.h library. the below code is working properly. please help me with giving the input from the serial monitor to display the numbers.
i need to enter a number which will be displayed in the 4 digit seven segment display.
thank you

#include "SevSeg.h"

//Create an instance of the object.
SevSeg sevseg;

void setup() {

  //I am using a common anode display, with the digit pins connected
  //from 2-5 and the segment pins connected from 6-13

  //Set the desired brightness (0 to 100);


void loop() {

  //Produce an output on the display

    sevseg.NewNum(9999,(byte) 2);    // to display 99.99


I believe here, if you want to give a number in.

I want to use serial monitor to enter the input number