SevenSegmentDiplay Message Maker

I wrote this code for the RS seven segment display I had laying around.
Displays a single letter at a time on a seven segment display.
(file attached)

sevenSdisplayMessage.ino (6.58 KB)

What type (model) 7-segment are you using, CC or CA. this is Common Cathode or Common Anode?

Code listing would suggest it is common cathode:

// RS7SD anode a=top right pin anode b=below a andode c is bottom righ
// anode d is bottom left andode e is directly above anode d
// anode f is top left and anode g pin is just below f.
//  its weird but the ports work backwards so after 0b the first number represents 
// anode g -which is the middle bar going accross.
// anode f- is the top left... and the rest work around cc.
// anode A is hooked up to pin 1... B to 2... and so on.