Several 7 seg displays

I am just starting in Programming so this may seem a little bit of a noob question? I am trying to use four seven segment displays. Three of which will display pseudo randomly generated numbers and the fourth will display a number generated from a keypad input. It dawned on me that multiplexing isn't what I'm looking for so the question is? can this be done with a single Uno?

You can still use multiplexing. Treat the 4 digit as one number.

If keypad number = n, then the bigNumber = n x 1000 + random number.

Why are you against multiplexing it? That’s how you make it work.

My understanding of multiplexing is like an extension of a number so it isn't a single digit. I am wanting 3 completely separate single digit numbers that have no relation with each other. If multiplexing is still the way to go I'm not understanding how I guess.

The fourth display is just to display the keypress of the keypad.

Just read


No, multiplexing has nothing to do with numbers. It means having multiple leds driven from the same pins. So say your displays are common cathode. All the anodes will come back to the same 8 pins and share and the cathodes will be coming to individual pins. You choose which display is currently displaying a number based on which cathode pin you have up. Then you toggle through your digits lighting each one up with the appropriate number really fast so the human eye can't see the flicker.

Thank you for those responses. It appears my wiring is set up correctly since I was going to be multiplexing in the first place. Now just figure out my code and I'll be golden.

Thanks so much. I guess I just started overthinking and making it harder than it needed to be.