several poject in several dir on same windows computer

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Hi guys
I prefered having each project completely autonomous on a different usb key with a minimum of libraries than a single folder where everything is mixed.
Now I would like to copy / paste each usb key into different directories on my windows computer and that each project remains independent of others.
How do you configure each Arduino 1.8.2 installation for everything to work properly?
Thank you in advance

Why? The whole idea of libraries is that you can share them between projects...

But if you really really want to then you'll need to have the Arduino IDE for each as well. Use the non-installer version and extract that to every project folder you want. Then make a folder "portable" inside it. In there a separate "sketchbook" folder will be created on first run.

thank you very much for your answer ...

I am beginner with arduino and I do not want copy/past all directories and files each time I move my ass.
I think I made a mistake with using instal version because IDE use a global directy for libraries and sketches.

Maybe I need to make backup before uninstal IDE and delete old files before using portable version.

Ahaaaa, you just want to have a single version on a stick? Then just download the non-install and extract it to the stick. Make a folder called "portable" in there and start the IDE. Now it will probably make a folder called "sketchbook" in that folder. Close the IDE and now you can copy all your project to that sketchbook folder. Aka, just copy past everything from your current sketchbook (by default c:\Users[user]\docuements\Arduino) to that folder. If you installed the libraries correctly (aka NOT in c:\program files\Arduino\libraries) then they will be installed in the portable USB stick version as well. Now you can de-install the Arduino IDE from your computer and you can delete the Arduino folder in your documents.

No need for backup, you're not really installing anything. And even if you where, a install of the IDE does nothing with your sketchbook). But then again, backup NEVER hurts :wink:

Thank you very much for your answer.

What is Aka ?

On windows I have not "sketchbook" . If I create this directory IDE work with it ?
I do not understand why on Linux, Mac or windows it is not the same directories ...

What is Aka ?

Also known as :wink:

On windows I have not "sketchbook".

You do, but like I said, the folder (yes, bit weird) isn't called "sketchbook" but "arduino". And it's by default in you Home directory which is by default C:\Users[user]\Documents\arduino.

I do not understand why on Linux, Mac or windows it is not the same directories ...

It is kind of the same, on all platforms it's a folder called "arduino" in the Home directory of that OS.

If I create this directory IDE work with it ?

No, use the non-install and create in there a folder called "portable" (for the current version that's /arduino-1.8.2/portable). When you then run the arduino.exe it's run as a portable version and a folder called "sketchbook" is created in that "portable" folder.