Several RFID tags simultaneously

Hello everyone, I'm new to Arduino so please be patient with my ignorance.

I'm working on a project with Arduino and ESP32 to read some RFID tags and send the information to a phone. Everything is working perfect so far thanks to this forum's Q&A.

But I'm interested in reading two or three RFID tags at the same time (sequentially), and send the information into one single string so I can handle it at the Android side. I do not know how to deal with the tags so that each HEX string is read and then appended so they can be sent together as an unit. I've found some projects that use strings and variables, but couldn't use them.

Thank you for your help

Post the code you have tried so we can see what you are doing and failing at.
Can you read the RFID info and send it to the Serial port correctly, sequentially?

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