Several Things At The Same Time Schematic

Is this schematic correct for the sample discussed here:


Now that's a clear answer to the question, but let me guess that you would like to know why not, even though you did not ask for that.

The sketch watches pin 10 to see a button being pressed or not.
It then decides to either light a LED on pin 7, or not.
You have nothing connected to pin 10, and if you had, then you'd have to press 2 buttons at the same time to get the LED lit.

The sketch tells you to use 470 Ohms resistors, you are using 220 Ohms.
Do you have a good reason to deviate from the instructions ?

Do you really have a 3 volt servo that allows 5 volt logic control ?

Next time drawing schematics,, try to avoid diagonal lines.
And for sure do not draw lines that cross components.

Oh ok I missed that relationship.

As for ghe resistors and the servo, I just plopped down what I could find in the program. It's my first time using fritzig or whatever, so I was testing it out.

I'll fix and repost :slight_smile:

Is this right?

Looks good

Is your servo 9v or 6v?

My actual servo, I dont know. This is the icon I found in the Fritzing software. I guess I should clear up that Im learning to use the Fritzing software.

I am now wondering if this software does more than just design. I can see a Code tab so Im wondering if I can simulate the arduino sketch in this software and see things working as I run the sketch. Im looking through the youtube channel videos to find out.

Thanks all.

Don't bother learning Fritzing, it is crap.

People do exactly what you have done and so produce useless diagrams, it should be banned.

Don't bother learning Fritzing, it is crap.

What schematic software would you recommend for a beginner?


Pencil and paper.

Then progress to a general 2D vector CAD program.

Most of the cheap beginner schematic packages have the great disadvantage that they draw the chips with a fixed position on the pin out that matches the physical position of the pins on the chip. This always leads to a crap hard to follow schematic.

I think it's part of the fun to draw professional looking schematics. However, there can be a steep learning curve.

One often recommended here is:

Then you can pay for an upgrade if you want.

Or you can get this

DesignSpark PCB can do Schematics and design PCB boards and Free for commercial or non-commercial use, no limitations or licensing.

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