Severino and Slackware 13.1 communication problem

Hello there !

I build my first Arduino Severino S3V3R2 with an atmega328 and finally got it working with Windows 7 64 bits and IDE 022 version. I use a PL2303 usb to serial converter. After a lot of tests I found that I have to put 115200 baud in boards.txt and select "Arduino Duemilanove or Uno with atmega328" in board menu. Then communication with autoreset work great. I can upload sketches etc....

My target is to have this also working under Linux Slackware 13.1.

Installing the ide, compiling sketches etc.... works also great but I can't upload sketches to the board. Whatever I put in boards.txt as baud rate, the reset occur (I see that on L led which is blinking fast jus after I push the send button on the IDE), the RX led blink 3 times and then I got two times the error "No answer from....". The TX led never blink.

I have try to find information how to test that under command line but I have not found anything really clear.

So my questions are : is there any idea to solve the problem in the ide, what kind of tests could I make in order to find what is wrong ? what as Makefile should I use to compile the pde and generate the hex file under linux ? what avrdude command line should I use to send the hex file to the board ?

Many thanks for yout time and patience and sorry for my approximate english !


Okay, I switched to a standard serial port and now I can upload sketch under Slack 13.1 but only ONE time.

After that I have to restart the IDE for a new sketch upload...

Any idea ?



The avrdude that comes with Arduino was modified to ensure proper functioning of the auto-reset of Arduino boards before upload (without which the upload will fail). The source code to the Arduino version is available on GitHub.


Hello there,

After some tests I found that a command "setserialsignal /dev/ttyS0 0 0" (which set low the dtr line of ttyS0 connected to the arduino) between each try solve the problem... It look like if the the dtr line stay high after the uploading...

As workaround it is okay but not very comfortable.

Because after some forums reading it look like the problem is still there since a long time I like to know : _ can be this solved in a future version ? _ is that a bug of linux "kernel, distro, java or whatever...." ? _ is it possible to replace avrdude by a script which in turn call the real avrdude and then setserialsignal, if yes what is the command line issued by the ide to call avrdude ? _ is there any other reason to stay in this situation ?

Did you install the autoreset jumper on your Severino board?