Severino & ATmega328

i’'m trying to build “Arduino Single-Sided Serial Board (version 3)” aka Severino mentioned here:
which uses Atmega8

i want to know if it will work fine with the ATmega328 and will i have the advanced features of ATmega328 like more pwm channels etc.

Also the page doesn’t have a link to the bootloader of ATmega8, also will the same bootloader work for atmega328.


I don't see why not. The 328 supports the same HW serial.

Thanku for confirming that... and what about the bootloader, first i cant find it on the page ( ), and second will the same bootloader work for ATmega328.

This is a good choice for the bootloader...,64105.0.html

I have built a severino using the ATmega328. The board has the same functionality as a Duemilanove.