severinos and xbee

I'm planning to do a mesh of arduinos with xbee for gathering sensor data. The original idea was to use arduinos severinos to cut the cost down. I'm facing problems connecting the xbee modules with the severinos, but they work fine on a arduino NG. Does anybody have experience with this? I'm using seeedstudio shields. thanks for your help.

I'm facing problems connecting the xbee modules with the severinos.

Maybe turn around so your facing the other way.

Or, tell us what the problems are.

Hi PaulS !, I have tryed that but it didn’t work! :o
What I meant is that I can access the xbee module with the digi utility using a arduino NG board without the mcu, but not using a severino board (also without the mcu).
it may have something to do with the design of the ttl converter of the severino.

I couldn't get the severino to work as a serial adapter to configure the xbee module, had to use an arduino NG. After configuration, i took it out of the NG, set the serial jumper of the severino to 1-2 (to disable the serial converter part of the circuit), and also took out the autoreset jumper. mounted the xbee in the severino, and set the xbee shield jumper to uart, instead of usb. That did the trick, the severino is now connected wireless to another xbee and transmitting data. cheers

Hey Francisco!

I've tried so hard to configure two sdeeedstudio Xbee using two arduino board to communicate the two boadrs via wireless, but I was not successful, just like you in your firs post here.

My question is: "is there no way to configure them through severino board?" If you figure out any way to do this, please tell me!! Thank you! :D