Sevseg library

Please any one can help me
I am making progect on Ardunio..
I have 2 things to show on 1* 7 segment 4 digits
But i can only show one because this code can't break
Sevseg. setNumber(timer) ;
Sevseg. refreshDisplay() ;
How to make timer show for 10 seconds
Then show temperature for 10 seconds
Then repeat that
Please help me..
And all thanks for all

OK, here’s what you do.

First read the instructions on how to post questions.

Then post your code using the “copy code for forum” option in the IDE.

Include also a diagram of how you are connecting your parts.

Include a web reference to each of the parts in your project except for the Arduino; just specify which Arduino.

And explain what you expect your code to do.

One way is to use two timers and toggle a flag to say which item should be shown, this is completely untested code but should give you the general idea:

void loop() {
  static unsigned long deciTimer = millis();
  static int deciSeconds = 0;

  static bool showTimer = true;
  static unsigned long toggleTimer = millis();

  static int degC = 25;

  if (millis() - deciTimer >= 100) {
    deciTimer += 100;
    deciSeconds++; // 100 milliSeconds is equal to 1 deciSecond

    if (deciSeconds == 10000) { // Reset to 0 after counting for 1000 seconds.
      deciSeconds = 0;

    if (showTimer) sevseg.setNumber(deciSeconds, 1);

  if (millis() - toggleTimer >= 10000) {
    toggleTimer += 10000;

    showTimer = !showTimer;

    if (!showTimer) sevseg.setNumber(degC, 1);

  sevseg.refreshDisplay(); // Must run repeatedly