sevseg print string to display

I am using the sevseg library, and am wanting to display the output of my ethanol content sensor on the 3 digit 7 segment display. I can display the variable with the ethanol content, which has a range of 0-99 without any issues. on the left-most digit, I want to display "E" for ethanol, so the display reads "E37" if it is 37% ethanol. my issue is, I cannot figure out how to display both. I can display a string, OR I can display a number...

As a simple test, I am using the following code:

#include "SevSeg.h"
SevSeg sevseg; 
  int  V = 85;
void setup(){
  byte numDigits = 3;
  byte digitPins[] = {10, 11, 12};
  byte segmentPins[] = {9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 13};

  bool resistorsOnSegments = false; 
  bool updateWithDelaysIn = true;
  byte hardwareConfig = COMMON_CATHODE; 
  sevseg.begin(hardwareConfig, numDigits, digitPins, segmentPins, resistorsOnSegments);

void loop(){

    sevseg.setNumber(V, 1);

use sprintf() to turn your number into a string and then you will only have 1 string to display

Thank you...
I was looking at it a little too hard LOL.