SFEMP3Shield library without interrupts?

I am using the mp3 shield library from Bill Porter in a prototype and it works well. I’m not using it with the actual mp3 shield, but with a custom-made board that features the vs1063 chip. Here is a reference to the library: Sparkfun MP3 Shield Arduino Library « The Mind of Bill Porter and SFEMP3Shield: Arduino SFEMP3Shield Library

I was wondering if anyone could give some pointers for a specific application. I want to try to rewrite the library so it doesn’t need to work with interrupts anymore, because I am using the interrupt pins (2 and 3) for an i2c interface. Could the library for instance also work by polling the chip? The arduino does not have to do much else but drive the mp3-chip, so regular polling is not a problem.

Any idea if it is feasible to use the library without interrupts, and where I might start to change it? Thanks in advance.