SFTP (secure file transfer protocol), end of cheep IoT applications

more and more its getting difficult to use Arduinos, ESP8266 etc. for IoT applications using ftp. My provider (1&1 Germany) informed me that in the near future no ftp will be supported and I should move to SFTP soon. Sometimes I'm getting error messages like "ftp not available in the moment. please switch to SFTP".
Is there any chance to switch to SFTP? I didn't find anything in this regard.

If its not possible with the arduinos etc. I think it is the end of cheep IoT applications and thousands of makers will not be able to run loggers to load measured data to there home pages.

Is there anybody out there who has realised SFTP with arduino?

I think it is the end of cheep IoT applications

How many IoT applications actually use FTP?

It may be possible to add SFTP support to ESP8266 though likely there will be significant overhead as with SSL. The new ESP32 was designed for better encryption support and likely will be able to easily handle SFTP. It's just now becoming available but if the required use of SFTP ever actually does become a significant barrier to IoT as you speculate the ESP32 will have become well supported, cheap, and readily available by that time. There will be other hardware available at a similar price as well.

Thanks for this information. This is good news. I didn’t know anything about the ESP32 up to now. Hopefully there will be a devellopment board (by NodeMCU e.g.) available soon. I found some information in the meantime.