SG90 Servo's Stopped Working

Hello all,

Was using two SG90 servos with an MPU6050 for something I was building and wanted to test the servos working before assembly to the whole assembly.

Suddenly the servos started rotating in an uncontrolled manner and stopped. They are not working since no matter what I do to them.

I wanted to reset them but I did not manage no matter what reset code I was using.

Any suggestions? Have I somehow fried them? Or just overturned the encoder?

Could really use some help.


Andrei M.

Without a schematic or code, who knows?

Used this guys' code and then I used the "Sweep" code from Arduino examples (just after they stopped working) and no movement whatsoever.

How are your servos powered?

Used and Elegoo breadboard power source.

Servos pull a lot of current. More than is good for the tiny tracks in a breadboard. I wonder if it is burned out. I'd grab a meter and check whether there's a voltage between ground and power at the servo.

Check the Power Source you mean? I just used it with some other DC motor from a toy car and it works like a charm. Measured the output voltage on both 3.3V and 5V and looks fine.

No, I meant check that the power is getting to the servo. I'm assuming that you're using a breadboard and further, that it's faulty.

Done. There is power. Also, If I try to move the servo by hand I can feel there is load on it.

Do you think I might just overdone the Servo past the 180 degrees limit?

I doubt it. The fact that two servos failed at the same time makes me think it's a power issue.

Opened up the servo and measured the voltage across the whole PCB and even checked if the motor is OK. All in good order. When I connect it, no matter what source I use, there is no movement :frowning:

It sounds like you need to get another servo to test with.

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