Shadow switch + Arduino + MG995 servo

Hi guys

I've just acquired myself an Arduino Uno board, a MG955 servo, and a shadow switch push button.

I've managed to get the board and servo to work together, wiring them as following:

Black/brown to GND

Red to 5V

Yellow to 10

I've run some random code I've found and the motor seems to work just fine.

Now I am a total newbie at this so I really don't know my next step. I've tried googling the solution, but I don't seem to be able to find anything that guides you on how to use a shadow switch along with the Arduino and a servo.

I want it to be able to open and close something with the switch.

How do I go about it?

I've added pictures of the different things, so you guys can see what I'm on about, in case i make no sense.

Any and all help, much appreciated! Thank you!

Well, Google is no help. What do you think a "shadow switch is"? Google says it is for a motorcycle, or something to do with make up, or something to do with necks.