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I'm new herer, but before buying the starterkit i have been wondering if you can use the arduino with nitniol shape memory wires ? It jsut would allow for cool possiblities. Is there any librarie for such thing, or would i have to write my own ? As for the hardware needed, I will have to look that up, and relearn some stuff from electronics , but any advice is welcome.

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Floris Vermeir

I migth potientially later use it with a jeelabs node. But thought I'd better start with an arduino.

As the wireless radio code doesn't look that simple yet.

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Floris Vermeir

Well, as I remember, shape wires (the same as “muscle wire”, right?) need a lot of current to heat up. Connecting them directly to an Arduino wouldn’t probably work, but of course you can always use a transistor wired to the Arduino to control the current going through yout nitinol-wire. So yes, it’s possible.

Memory wire typicaly needs a lot of wire I've messed with it a bit and I used the PWM to drive a Logic driven nFET to control the wire. The Arduino wont be able to drive the current without amplification