share internet

Hi all,

I want to share internet via arduino. My connection will be away from me approximately 1 km.

How can I do it ? I have xbee S2B Can I use it ?

The Arduino Yun is capable to share internet via wifi, since there is a linux/OpenWRT module on the Arduino Yun board. The normal Arduino boards can not do that.

The XBee modules are not connected to internet. The 'network' that is mentioned with XBee modules is not wifi nor an ethernet network. It is a own definition of network in which the XBee modules communicate with each other. It is often called a 'mesh' network.

The XBee S2B range seems to be 1600 meters. It is to transmit data like water level or temperature to another XBee.

thank you Peter, I have never use Arduino Yun but I will search what is the arduino yun. I have one question again. Could you tell me how can I enhance the wifi distance for arduino yun.

As far as I know, that is not possible. The linux/OpenWRT/wifi module on the Arduino Yun board has a fixed power output, and the antenna is fixed on the board. It probably has a normal range, perhaps up to 50 meters with some luck.

To get internet over 1km, you can not use an Arduino. You need a wifi device with more power (illegal in most countries) and a directional antenna (also illegal in many countries).
I think I read about wifi antennas that can go up to 1km with only 100mW power, but only if there are no buildings and trees in the way.
The 802.11a (5GHz) has often more power.
Engenius, Ruckus, and Tranzeo seems to be brands of such equipment.

Research "Biquad antennas". They are DIY antennas that are purported to be able to see very long distances, but in all honesty, there is only limited info on the web about them and some trial and error may be required to make it functional. The concept is to utilize old "Direct TV"-like dishes and tearing the guts out of the LNB and replace with some DIY copper parts, then connect all that to a dongle or a DD-WRT router to greatly extend the send or receive capabilities. I think the record range for the biquad is upwards of 700 miles from mountaintop to another mountaintop with line of sight between.