shared folders using samba

Hi All,

I have an Arduino Yun Rev 2 with an SD card in it. With help from the forums and the net I've been able to expand the storage and create a swap file, all of which is working fine.

I now need to have shared folders where other devices (some linux based and some Windows) can store / access files, so I've recently installed samba and have been able to create a mount point and map the folder from a Windows PC via the wifi, however, I can't get it to work through the ethernet.

I've tried putting the ethernet port in the same firewall zone as the wifi, I've tried using fixed IP / DHCP but no joy. I've got everything else working as I'd like with my Python scripts so don't want to mess it all up just by guessing.

I'm new to linux and the Yun so am struggling a bit, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance to any guru.