Shared Ground 12v Lights

Hi all. First post/question. Seems simple but I can’t figure it out for the life of me and can’t find anyone with a similar issue. I am trying to control two 12v lights that share a ground. Originally I was think N Channel mosfets however since it’s switched on the ground side both lights turn on no matter the switch. Help! Thanks!

To control the lights independently you need a high-side switch. I like the BTS16G but you can't buy that pre-soldered in a module.

Pololu makes some useful switches.

Shared ground, as in a car?

Then you must switch high-side, with two P-channel fets. Post full details if the third diagram on this page doesn't work for you. Leo..

Thanks guys I’ll investigate both. Yes just like a car tail light; running and brake. When I tried a P Channel i could only get it to switch on and couldn’t get it to close the gate. Didn’t try two however. Will check out both options and circle back. Thanks!!!!

Morgan. Did you mean a BTS716G? I can’t find anything listed as BTS16G

I think he meant a fancy N-channel/bootstrap chip solution. Loose parts could work equally well.

What sort of 'light' are we talking about (type/voltage/current/watt). Controling means dimming? Not I halogen light ofcourse. Leo..

Sorry yes. Lost a "7".

If it is just a bulb then it doesn't care which way current flows. The shared connection can be 12V.