Shared properties for things

Is there a way to share properties across things or have a global property that things can subscribe to and another thing can set?

An example would be a shared boolean that on change could trigger actions on multiple things when it was updated from another thing?

I am very new to arduino, but have development experience, from what I have seen so far it looks like I would have to do this through my own api, but would like to know if possible.


hi @john_warren_

It is unfortunately not possible to connect more boards to a single Thing yet.
As we move forward and explore use cases we recognise this need but don't have an ETA for it.

You could explore using the IoT Cloud APIs and make REST calls using a Thing ID and your API credentials.

We are implementing it for other purposes, but nothing prevents you from using it inside an Arduino with connectivity :slight_smile:

Stay tuned, we have a lot of stuff planned ahed



Thanks for the feedback, it's is very useful. I will have a look at the IOT Cloud APIs and see what I can do.
I am really liking the simplicity of getting things up and running in the IOT Cloud before thinking about what services I might need to build, I'm looking forward to seeing how the platform evolves.