Sharing my new Library

I found one old topic about the subject but decided to start a new one since the old one was dated 2013 and may have not address the specific question that I have about sharing Libraries.
First it is relevant to mention that I did read the Arduino - LibraryTutorial called: "Writing a Library for Arduino".

More specifically it is written: "It's also nice to provide people with an example sketch that uses your library. To do this, create an examples directory inside the Morse directory. Then, move or copy the directory containing the sketch (let's call it SOS) we wrote above into the examples directory. (You can find the sketch using the Sketch > Show Sketch Folder command.) ... restart ...- you'll see a Library-Morse item inside the File > Sketchbook > Examples menu containing your example. ..."

I tried it and can tell you that it works fine. But what happen to my newly created Library and example ? Is it automatically uploaded to some cloud repository to be shared with anyone who care ? If so, how come I dont see millions of examples and libraries in my Arduino IDE ?
Basically the question is: What is the scope of the "Sharing" procedure ?

It's manual. You have to choose a place to host it, and upload to there. Have you ever downloaded a library? Where from? That would be a good starting point.