Sharing with the group

Hello everyone! I have been working on a project here that I would like to share with everyone interested. … I was given an electric wheelchair… After giving it some thought and reading up on the possibilities that Arduino had to offer… I decided to dive in to a remote control buggy project. Code is attached. I’m not a professional programmer lol. I just peiced this together by examples and lots of trail and errors. The code could easily be adapted for other motor drivers as well… Parts used are Arduino Uno, IBT-2 Motor drivers… and HC-05 bluetooth module. The cart has two 24 volt motors. I am presently operating this cart from 12vdc. Running smoothly and controlling it from an android app! Stay tuned for more information on this project! Comments, questions, and of course suggestions are always welcome! Cheers!

BA_Remote_Roller_final.ino (14.2 KB)

Pictures. We need pictures, too.