Sharp Memory LCD and Arduino GFX issue

I'm working on a little project with a circular Sharp Memory LCD panel, and I'm having some difficulty getting the Adafruit GFX tests running on it. I have gotten one set of tests running, found here on Github: GitHub - MakerDyne/Memory-LCD: Example Arduino class/library for my Sharp Memory LCD Breakout Boards

These tests from MakerDyne perform well, but they are very rudimentary, and I'd like to get the Adafruit libraries working so I have more tools at my disposal. I got the MakerDyne test working by changing the default pixel count from 96x96 to 128x128 (the height and width of my LCD panel), but when I try this with the "Adafruit_SHARP_Memory_Display" sketch, the Arduino compiler says that the Arduino Uno has run out of memory.

From here I tried moving on to another library which used the Adafruit GFX found here: GitHub - hybernaut/SharpMemoryLcd: fork of Craftycoder's Sharp Memory LCD GFX Library

When I tried out this library (and changed the pixel dimensions to 128x128), I was able to get the panel to display something, but the image is very distorted and striped.

Does anyone have advice for how I can get the adafruit graphics to work with my round LCD panel? Please let me know if I've left out any details which might help!


Just to clarify some details about the LCD panel itself, it's a 0.99" Sharp Memory Display model LS010B7DH01:, and the breakout board I'm using is from Kuzyatech: Sharp Memory LCD Breakout A2 | KuzyaTech

It seems that it runs of memory.

Did you manage to rectify your problem? I'm looking at doing something similar with the same component.