Sharp sensors vs Ultrasonic sensors for a minisumo robot?


We are 14 years old students from Spain and are bundled with minisumo robot . We were going to put an ultrasonic sensor but I think the trend is to put sharps infrared ... what do you recommend us ?


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I recommend you to use Sharp ir sensor because sharp sensor is accurate than ultrasonic sensor.
ultrasonic sensor is good when you measuring distance to a flat object but many sumobots' front is curved so ultrasonic will not be so good. and noise is lower on sharp ir sensor than ultrasonic sensor.
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ThanKs IA2000, Is our first sumo robot.., ya veremos!

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Keep in mind the limitations of the ultrasonic sensors, and the strengths of the IR sensors, when designing your sumobot. You can make your robot less sense-able by your competitors. That's as important as making your robot able to sense your competitors.

Thanks Paul!