SHARP sharp 2Y0A02 - connection to the Arduino UNO

Hello all,
I may have a simple beginner's question here.
I just got an Arduino Uno and a Sharp 2Y0A02 sensor.
The sensor wires are not as I was expected: they are connected to the sensor with a JST, and at the other end, they are stuck together again inside a little black component, looking like a 3-female connector (?).
How do I connect this to the Uno ? Should I strip the cables and plug them separately?
Thanks a lot in advance,


Hi there. I signed up for your question actually :smiley: You can see at the link, your sensor's datasheet ""

As you put it in front of you, when cables out side is towarding to you, from left to right

first one : output

second one : ground

third one : supply voltage

Then you can follow the cables as told and use male jumpers or cables to connect your arduino.

Male jumpers like

Have a good day :smiley:

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Pic below shows how I do that, exactly as Aerospacer suggests. Female 3-way on the right, and 3 separate male jumpers on the left.