Shazam "Easy Button"

(NOTE: Complete newbie … first post anywhere … coding for 30+ years but never touched a board.)

I’d like to build an “easy button” or a key fob to automatically identify songs using a service like Shazam or SoundHound. Where do I begin?

Here’s how it should work…

  1. Device has one button;
  2. User taps / clicks the button;
  3. Device records a 10-15 second audio clip;
  4. Audio clip is transmitted to a cloud server, via WiFi, or an iOS / Android device, via Bluetooth;
  5. Back-end software will pick up the files, analyze them, and send the results to the user.

The overall goal is for a user to identify as many songs as desired without having to mess with their phone, computer, or use voice recognition.

I have no idea what boards or components to look at. Smaller is better, of course. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Some background on the original device…

About 17 years ago, Sony had a keyfob device called “eMarker” that accomplished this task by saving date stamps to a file (very primative) and then display a list of songs playing in area radio stations:
Sony eMarker (description site)

I don't think this would be a good fit for Arduino. It's not very good for audio. You might consider a RPi instead.

Agree - the Arduino is not well suited to handling audio.

If you have a phone then presumably you could have the Shazam app. In that case its possible that an arduino could be programmed to act as the one-click button you want but instead of it doing all the heavy lifting it would just trigger the shazam app on your phone via the bluetooth. There is an app called Tasker on android that may allow this process, not so sure about IOS.

Disclaimer- I've never done anything like this, all I've done is google search for "android tasker shazam" and "android tasker bluetooth".