Shelf lighting and sound


I'm new here, I'm trying to decorate a shelf with LED's and sounds when pressing some buttons.

I was thinking that when somebody opens the shelf, they can press a button and a sound and lights related to the items turn on.

I'm looking for help on what components I need to make this happen.

Let me know!

How many LEDs do you want? Single color? RGB? Addressable RGB?
What kind of sound? Just a tone or simple tune?

Hey Alesam,

I wanted to do some LED Strips, and for the sounds some mp3 files from 5 to 25 seconds long. I wanted to see if I can use buttons to activate the sounds and lighting at the same time for different scenes on a shelf. For example, I press 1 of the 4pin button and a sound and light activates.

Let me know what you think!

Sure it's doable. Which arduino board do you have?

I got the Arduino UNO.

I was looking a the Adafruit Wave Shield for the MP3 files, but since I'm starting I wanted to ask for opinions first on how to make this happend.

Sure this shield will work for your project. It doesn't support mp3 playback but you can convert them to wav on your computer and save tp SD card. wav files take like 10 times more space than mp3 but for short fragments it's not so important.

Sounds good!
Now, I need to buy the wave shield...
For the buttons, Can I use arcade buttons? Is there an specific type that I need to buy?

Pretty much any button is OK.