Shield doesn't fit.

I have recently bought an arduino which has pins (not sockets) for all the inputs and outputs.
Now, I have bought a prototyping shield - which also has pins.
So, the two won’t plug together.
Looking at the pictures of most arduinos they use sockets which the shields plug into.
Have I bought a bogus arduino?



Yes you have bought an arduino that is not “official”

Arduino is open source - which means that anyone can modify it and re-sell it.

The person you bought it for should not have explicitly called it an “arduino” though - they should have, and probably did, call it “arduino compatible”

The easiest thing will be to treat this as a learning lesson, and buy an official arduino (which help support the developers), or at least an arduino clone that is compatible with your shield.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I knew that getting into the Arduino was going to be a great learning experience, but I didn’t expect to learn something before I got started :slight_smile:

Such is life.

I guess I can try to rig up some male-male connector for now. Might look clumsy, but lets see.


Out of interest, do you have a link to where you got your fakeduino from?

nethomas1968, do the pins on your Arduino compatible board go up or down? (An answer to the question from jezuz will help us know your setup better.)

If the pins go down, it sounds like you may have an Arduino compatible that is intended to plug directly into a standard prototyping board, without a need for a prototyping shield. But if you bought the shield too, then you probably don’t have a standard prototyping board to begin with.

If you have to go buy some male-to-male connectors, you could buy a standard prototyping board instead. If you already have M-M connectors, then you are likely to be the kind of person who already has a prototyping board too. :slight_smile: