shield for control DC motor 1,4A

I'm looking for a shield for arduino or something similar, for control 4 DC brushed motors with 1,4 A per channel at least, and more than 4V can anybody tell me where i can search for it, or give me a link?

I found some but not of the features I need

thank you all!

Pololu has an excellent selection of motor drivers.

Checkout the Adafruit quad motor shield too - be sure to find out the stall current rating of your motors though, that's the key value you need to know.

I have seen the shield of adafruit, the current is 1.2A per channel and 3A peak, do you think that would work with my process from 0.8A to a maximum of 1.4A at maximum power

No, as I said you need to find out the stall current, and make sure the controller can tolerate that.

Stall current is what flows when the motor is first powered up from stationary, equals supply voltage divided by winding resistance. Maximum working power is usually much less.

You could help us by posting a link or datasheet to your motor, that avoids confusion as to which current rating we are talking about.

The problem is that I donĀ“t have the datasheet of my engine, but I can see now is working at that intesity:

5%->0.47A-1.18V 10%->0.59A-1.38V 15%->0.7A-1.16V 20%->0.78A-1.71V 30%->0.95A-2.01V 40%->1.07A-2.36V 45%->1.15A-2.38V 50%->1.22A-2.45V 60%->1.3A-2.5V 70%->1.32A-2.87V 80%->1.36A-3.04V 90%->1.38A-3.2V 100%->1.42A-3.43V

peak intensity is less than 3A (2.8 approx), my question is if the shield would hold intinsities of 1.4A at certain critical moments.

I'm working on a drone for replace the software using arduinoUNO.

I apologize if my English is not entirely correct, because it is not my native language and it takes a little express and understand some terms.

The stall current is measured with the shaft locked (at low voltage so you don't damage the motor). Alternatively, measure the resistance of the motor winding and divide that into the motor power supply voltage.

The stall current will be much higher than the running current.