Shield for RN-XV WiFly Module on UNO?

Hi all,

I've been testing the Roving Networks RN-XV WiFly Module (together with an Arduino UNO) to build a wireless temperature monitoring system (the UNO reads every minute the temperature and posts the data to a service on the internet). After some weeks of tweaking I'm ready to "finalize my product". :slight_smile: Currently the RN-XV is connected with some soldered wires to the +,- and 2 digital pins of the UNO. But I'm looking for a way to make the connection more robust so it can fit in a case.

So my question is: which shields are compatible with the Roving Networks RN-XV WiFly Module?

  • Arduino Wireless Proto Shield
  • Dfrobot Xbee shield
  • Sparkfun XBee Shield
  • ...


Probably any of them, I myself tested the Arduino Wireless Shield with the RN-XV and that works (with the hardware serial interface, the SoftwareSerial wasn't reliable enough in my tests).

Thanks Pylon!
Maybe a stupid question but is it correct to state that hardware serial is using the default 0 and 1 pins, while software serial is using a different pair of pins?

Thanks again,

This is mostly correct, although, theoretically, a SoftwareSerial can also act on pin 0 and 1 but this configuration does not make sense.

A SoftwareSerial object can be configured to run on any pair of pins if at least the RX pin is able to trigger a pin change interrupt. This is the case for all digital IOs on an UNO.