Shield MKR GPS ASX00017

Hello friends,
I am new to electronics, I would need to determine the instantaneous speed of my vehicle and suddenly I bought Shield MKR GPS ASX00017 but I didn't know how I can wire it with my arduino UNO.
someone can help me?
Thank you.

that shield is NOT for an UNO, it is for the MKR range of boards. You will need to wire it using jumper wires, 3.3V -> 3.3V, GND -> GND, SDA -> SDA, SCL -> SCL

Use an I2C scanner to find the address, and any M8Q library to access it!

are you sure it can't be connected to the Arduino?

OK - Plug it on top of the Arduino UNO & post a picture!

I never said it could not be connected, in fact the opposite, I give you instructions on how to!

I'm not sure but I connected it like that

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