Shield RS232 broken


I currently have a Shield RS232 installed on my Arduino Leonardo card that I connected to a battery and a PC through an RS232 cable. Everything is fine I connect the cables to connect the RX to the TX, the two LEDs are on, everything on the image. But, I went away leaving my card plugged into the computer and I come back and the two LEDs are no longer lit. Nothing to do even if I feed the card by the computer, they do not light any more despite the identical configuration. I wondered if it did not come from my card or my Shield but by trying to change one or both of them impossible, it does not work anymore. Incidentally, there is no documentation consistent enough I put the file with it anyway.

If anyone has an idea, he can offer it to me, thanks :wink:

http___www.gotronic.fr_ori-shield-rs232-pour-arduino-25645 - Copie.jpg

pj2-rs232-english-1453.pdf (912 KB)