Shield solder question, pics. I feel stupid

So I have the motor shield connected to the Uno.
I’ve soldered what I was told to do and I feel it’s wrong.
The empty row of holeS BEHIND the solder blobs that connect to the Uno I’ve used.
I flipped the back of the connection and this makes no sense, how are my wires doing anything, the bottom of them are just hanging underneath the shield (pics) and are connected to nothing but the top of the shield.

Do I unsolder these 3 wires and solder them to the blobs in the front row that are holding the pins that actually connect to the uno?

Sorry for the noob question but I have found difficulty in finding basic info for this describing how to connect anything other than dc motors to the shield. Thank you in advance

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Is your shield like this one...

If so then those holes are actually connected to the pins... as you can see in this picture

The rows of holes next to them are GND & 5V as indicated.

yup i have the same ones, ok i guess im ok. i just need to work on th analog signal input not i guess and why its not registering , thank you

Do you own a multimeter? If not then buy one. Even a cheap £20, $20, 20 whatever currency you use where you are is way better than not having one. A multimeter should have a continuity check function, which will allow you to test what is connected to what.

I do have one, I am at the basics of learning electronics. I understand basic signal flow but this is first project. Learning lots and I will incorporate this as well thank you

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