shield to control 50W worm gear drive?

Hey everyone, I’m working on a project that is using a 50W 12V worm gear drive. I’m new to Arduino, any suggestions for a motor controller that will handle two of these motors?

Here’s an example of what the motor looks like.


First you have to define how you want to be able to control the motor:

Simple on/off only?

On/off with controllable variable speed in one direction only?

On/off with controllable variable speed in both directions?

The first could just be a simple $1 logic level MOSFET switching transistor controlled by an Arduino output pin.

The other two would require a motor drive shield or standalone motor controller rated for above 12vdc and 5 amps or better with heatsinking able to handle that load.


I need speed control which I'm assuming a shield would do by PWM. Both directions.

The trouble is that most shields I've found are for 2A or less.

If I switch shields does the basic programming change or are they all basically the same?

It doesn't look like an Arduino shield. How do I connect it and control it? I don't see any instructions on the site.

Talked to my engineer and we need to be able to control 3 motors. Should I get a dual driver and a single? All 3 motors are the same.

Which Arduino would you recommend for connecting 3 of these motor controllers, an SD card reader and 4-6 load sensors?

Is there a single power supply you would recommend that would drive 3 of these motor controllers?