shield v4 + nano arduino ayuda y/o informacion

Hi. I am new to Arduino and I have been fighting with this plate for a while (shield V4 + Arduino Nano). That is, the board works, the motors move, but only with the grbl version 9.0 or less (9600 baud). if I go to version 1.1f (115,200 baud) the motors do not move, they only give "blows" ... 0 "pulses" ... The problem comes because I want to put a 500mw laser that I have (to make a cnc laser), and I can't make it work. Searching on the web, with grbl v0.9 or less the motors move, but the laser stays on .... and with version 1.1f the laser responds if I turn it on or off with some software, but the motors do not know move ...
Anyone have any information or help you can give me about this badge or the problem? If it was not well understood, I upload photos of the connection I made.
I think it's the board for this detail: I passed the same arduino and the same driver to a different board (BIGTREETECH V1. They are used by the Eleksmaker brand) and it works perfectly with the grbl version 1.1f ...

A proper link to the exact board you have would be useful about now.

Quite a few of the NANO based shields have a fault that needs soldering work.
That is regardless of version as the Chinese boards will often say it is a new version even if it is NOT.

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