Shields for due board

Hi all,

I am having a udoo dual board, which is a low cost single board android/linux ARM computer with Arduino Due compatible integration. The arduino due compatible integrated in the udoo is copy of the arduino due board. The shields which are compatible with arduino due board should be compatible with udoo also..
Since Arduino DUE is 3.3V I/O compliant....where as arduino uno is 5v I/O compliant, I am founding a difficulty in selecting the shileds for the arduino due compatible integrated on udoo board.
I need to know which shields are compatible with arduino due, i have rfid, gsm etc moduled, It would be helpful if any one provide the list of shileds to work on the modules such as rfid 125khz, bluetooth module, gsm-gprs quadband sim900 module , roving networks wifly rn-171 etc...

thank you,,

I don't know if there's a specific list of "Due compatible" shields, but if you have specific shields in mode maybe will help.