I wish to get some advice on suitable components. I would like to build an equipment that measures a distance with ultrasound. Depending on the distance, I want to control a motorized wing to keep the distance constant. In addition, communicate with a computer (MacBook) via ethernet (max. 50 m) the angle of the wing and the distance. I also wish to be able to change the setpoint of the distance from the computer. I use the Arduino Uno rev 3 but do not know which shields that are suitable.

Make sure that the range of the ultrasonic sensor meets Your demands. You also need a motor controller. Compare motor voltage and current with the data of the motor controller. You need ethernet capability....
Maybe there is a controller that has built in ethernet support but the other items will likely be break out boards.
Check what/which power supply/supplies You wil need.

You do not need just shields, you need to connect some boards together.
You need at least an ultasound sensor like HC-SR04, an Ethernet , yes, shield, a motor H-bridge and a rotary encoder or a stepper motor at the minimum.
Regarding the actuated part (motor + controller) it depends a lot of the mechanical torque and mechanical power or rotational speed you will need. 90% chance is that you will need a power supply as well for the motor-controller / motor.
I can not help you on specifics, I believe none can with vague engineering constrains.
Yet you should keep on. It is a nice and doable project.
Read more or come back with more on your requirements
All the best,


Hello !

I'm working on a shield something like this, with 3 ultrasonic sensors, external motor controller, but for Mega and outdoor application.

I assume the Ethernet connection required for indoor use. Is the Bluetooth not okay ?
(Your can use Your mobile phone and a terminal app to communicate on the serial port.)

May be You can post a block diagram about the required devices, distance, information flow etc..

Have a nice day ahead.

I bought thees and they function well. //Erik

but do not know which shields that are suitable.

Apart from the Ethernet shield, probably none store-bought and you might consider making your own from proto boards. The main purpose of a custom shield may be just to handle standard break out boards, so the real work is still being done by someone else. Note that it is quite legitimate to put a Mega proto board on a Uno.

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