SHIFT + Backspace should not act like Delete

I have a habit of holding the shift key down while navigating occasionally. When I do that and hit backspace, it acts like hitting the delete key, deleting in the opposite direction. It would be great if this could be toggled on/off somehow.

Same thing bothered me while ago. There is a setting in "preferences.txt" you can change. Find this: editor.keys.shift_backspace_is_delete=true

and change it to false.

Cheers, Kari

Cheers GaryP, this annoyed me too.

that was odd I know it says don't edit preferences.txt while the IDE is open it means it I changed the setting but it had no effect I restarted the IDE no change edit preferences.txt after several times round the loop I twigged that it writes the settings back when you close the editor d'oh!

anyway - works a treat now :)

I second this! Has annoyed me quite a bit..

Thanks for the info tho :)

edit: to be less unclear, should be an option in ui

remiss: edit: to be less unclear, should be an option in ui

And many other things as well should be easily change through the menus, like how the editor window behaves after restarting the program, default paths and so on....

I haven't had gourage to test the IDE 1.0, is it any different? And here I go again, more complaints about the design available, I need to shut up right here!

Cheers, Kari