Shift Out / Shift Register.

Ive having a spot of trouble with the basic examples on the website.

Ive wired everything up as instructed. But im getting some unexpected results. Please see videos

Code Sample 1.1 Hello World

Code Sample 1.2 One by One


sounduser: But im getting some unexpected results.

Videos are usually helpful. However, an explanation of what the "unexpected results" might be a little bit more helpful...

Video 1 shows a binary counter, which is what I expected.

Ive changed the video to unlisted now. Sorry about that.

What is the "unexpected" behavior?

On the second video they're meant to light up one by one. Some light up and there is no animation at all.

The 2nd has no animation. You enter numbers in the serial monitor and the LEDs change.

ooooooopps. Sorry about that.