Shift PWM, LEDs and transistors, ULN2003?

I plan on PWMing 5 sets of RGB LEDs with some 595 and ShiftPWM. Each set will be running each color at 12v, 60mA(Three series of three). So there's 15 channels/12v/60mA. Should I just use a bunch of 3904's or should I try using an array package like the ULN2003? My understanding is that the ULN2003 doesn't require a base resistor, but I can't find power dissipation limits for the whole package and I wasn't sure if I could PWM with it? I also read that it can get hot and the a Mosfet may be a better choice but I cannot find any Mosfet arrays on Newark.

I wouldn't mind just doing 3904's, but I'd like to do whatever is most efficient....


500mA max, total, per uln2003.

Have you considered using a TPIC6B595 which is essentially a shift register with MOSFETs built in?

Do you know if it works exactly the same as a 74HC595 so that I can still use the ShiftPWM library? It has 20 pins as opposed to the 74HC595's 16.

It doesn't have the same pinout but the way to drive it (data/clock/latch pins) is the same. I'm not familiar with ShiftPWM but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Ok, I'll grab a few of these... Thank you.