Shift Register 74HC595 Output Current

I'm testing/debugging a sketch that uses the 74HC595 shift register on an Arduino-Compatible Teensy3.2 (3.3V).

I want to connect the 8 outputs of the Shift Register back to 8 input pins on the board.

Would I need resistors between the output of the Shift Register and the Arduino input? How to know the current flowing from the SR output?

I did have a look at the datasheet but that just confused me more:

Input pins take no current if you keep voltage between VCC(3.3volt) and ground of the Teensy.

If the 74HC595 is powered and controlled by the same Teensy, then the outputs of the SR are within those limits.
A direct connection shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for your feedback/advice Wawa. I'll hook it up and run some tests using a multi-meter.