Shift register noob question

I've been working through the ShiftOut tutorial, although the shift registers I have are the NTE74LS164 (I'd link to the datasheet but it won't let me, if you google 74ls164, it's the first result).

I understand from the tutorial the idea behind how the latch pin allows the register to understand the data pin in relation to the clock pin, but on my particular model, there's this clear pin and I have two serial input pins. I was trying to understand the timing diagram, but I'm still a little confused.

I was able to get the sample programs running on my circuit using only the clock pin and serial input A. Will I run into any problems not using the clear pin or the serial input B?


With the 2 serial inputs, they form a 2 input AND gate according to the datasheet. If you only want to use one of them, you can either connect the 2 serial input pins together, or use one of them and wire the other one to the positive voltage to give a constant HIGH input.

I haven't used the chip before, but the datasheet says clear is active low, so if you wire it to the positive voltage to make it a constant HIGH, you should just be able to use the clock and serial inputs.